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Eva Sidoti HOM DSCM

I am a registered Homeopath in Ontario, Canada. I studied Homeopathy at the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine in Toronto. After completing the Homeopathy and Health Sciences program I obtained my Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine.

Real life experiences and real life learning are what brought me to and made me gravitate towards Homeopathy as a form of Medicine. I have always been a believer that we are endowed with an intelligent design in the function of our bodies and minds. To put it simply, in perfect health our bodies should and do function in perfect harmony. It is only when the that harmony is disrupted that we begin to deviate to illness or disease. My role as a homeopath is to use natural homeopathic medicine to stimulate a natural healing response in your body or mind so that you may once again function in harmony and health.

My personal experiences with Homeopathy began with my children. When they where very little I they had negative reactions to common allopathic medications. I began to feel that I was doing more harm then good when addressing their health issues with what was commonly used. I began to investigate and search for other treatments that were more gentle and natural. My use of homeopathy began and I have not turned back. My desire to fully study Homeopathy and use it for my family and to help others was ignited when my oldest daughter developed anxiety. After going through several therapies and going to several specialists I feared that I was going to have to medicate her so that she can stay in school. However my brief knowledge and prior experiences with homeopathy lead me to the conclusion that I was going to take her to a homeopath first and see if there was a chance that homeopathy would help her with her anxiety and daily panic attacks. Her response to homeopathy was transformational. I had teachers and the principal of her school ask me what I was doing to help her. I knew at that point I just need to know how homeopathy works and that this was the way I wanted to help people. Since then I have had witnessed how homeopathy can work and heal in a wide range of circumstances; from the common cold, allergies, stomach/ digestive disorders, depression, anxiety, headaches/migranes, etc. (The list it endless).

I am grateful that I have had the pleasure of discovering and learning homeopathy. I look forward to meeting and helping everyone that I meet on my path, teaching them about homeopathy, and helping them overcome their health ailments and restoring harmonious health. I am grateful that I have the pleaurse to help in a natural, gentle, safe, and effective manner.

Wishing you health and harmony on your path,

Eva Sidoti HOM DSCM