Lakeside Homeopathy

Constitutional Homeopathy

Constitutional Homeopathy treatment refers to a the treatment of the whole person. From the homeopathic perspective we believe that the whole person's function in their physical, mental and emotional health is fully connected.  In the Initial Consultation all the person's symptoms are taken including physical, mental, and emotional. We also look at the person's history of past symptoms along with present symptoms. Essentially the person's ailment is individulaized.  The information gathered from this consultation is then used to select a natural homeopathic medicine that is suitable for the individual and their constitution. Simply put a custom medicine is selected on the uniqueness of the person and their ailment. 

Treatment for Acute Conditions

Treatment for acute conditions such as common colds, injuries, headaches, pains, etc. naturally with a homeopathic remedy for a speedy recovery, and prevent symptoms suppression.

Treatment for Chronic Conditions

Treatment for chronic ongoing health conditions such as migraines, GI conditions, mental health conditions, painful periods, menopause, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, etc. for natural and long-lasting healing effects and recovery.

Follow up Appoitments

Ongoing care post initial appointment is often required for chronic conditions. 

Remedy Refills

Refills of your remedy should it be required. If you can't find a remedy you need else where connect with us to see if we can assist. 

Educational Services

Educational services for you, your family and friends about how to safely, and effectively use homeopathy at home for common ailments.

Natural Health Products